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ID number Category
1 Child-focused outcomes
1a Emotional and behavioural development - including externalising disorders (e.g. conduct problems, antisocial behaviour, offending, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, oppositional disorders), internalising disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety) and sleep difficulties; primary prevention of substance misuse (alcohol/drugs/smoking)
1b Educational development - including school readiness, early literacy and numeracy skills (such as vocabulary use), and educational competence in school years (such as reading and numeracy)
2 Parent-focused outcomes
2a Skills (behavioural aspects of parenting) - including supervision, monitoring, negotiation, boundary setting, communication and negotiation
2b Attitudes and feelings/coping/confidence (attitudes to parenting) - including personal views about coping as a parent rather than observable skills; and parenting stress
2c Knowledge/understanding of child development (cognitive aspects of parenting) - including knowledge of factual aspects of child care
2d Emotional/mental health - including prevention of depression, enhancing well-being and self-esteem, and reducing psychological distress
2e Social networks - parents' social isolation or connectedness; access to networks and services
3 Parent-child focused outcomes
3a Parent-child relationships - including qualities of relationships such as warmth, attachment; general parent-child interaction and communication; communication with non-target child or other family members; and primary prevention of child abuse and neglect

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